No Impact Week Day 2- Gabe

The journey to being a vegetarian for a week is off to a poor start (pt. 2). At lunch today I did well avoiding meat, but I went for fish. I could definitely see myself taking the route to being a pescatarian but I know that’s close to impossible while at school and not very sustainable while living in the middle of Ohio. Other than my meals everything else has been easy, I’m spending more time in the library rather than in my room at my desk. One of my goals for this week was to clean out my fridge in my room and unplug it but I have no time for that kind of project because of school work. There is a small freezer section that has a good amount of ice on it, does anyone have a good idea of how I can get this out without making a mess? I feel so wasteful having a fridge plugged in ALL day and night.



  1. As a vegetarian, I promise you it’ll get easier. I’ve been going at it ever since I got to college and it’s a lot more bearable to eat vegetarian here rather than at home. Just try to stay mindful of it and keep in mind the whole reason you’re even doing it and that’ll help you get through it. good luck gabe!!

  2. Gabe. Good stuff buddy. Proud of you for avoiding that meat. That is something I’m not willing to do. As far as your freezer goes, just take the ice out and let it melt elsewhere.

  3. Keep up the good work Gabe. You’ll avoid that fish next time. No idea how to help with the fridge but that is a great goal.

  4. Hello Gabe, seems as if you had a productive day to say the least. I don’t think I would be physically able to go a week without meat. I can’t live without it. Keep up the good work bud!

  5. I find that in most mini-refrigerators with freezers that they have a tray underneath the ice section, if you empty that and. turn off the. fridge the ice should melt into that and you can empty it accordingly. I don’t think that is something I would be able to do. I need to keep my tomatoes that I got at the farmers market cold.

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