a sense of community

Colin talks about the feeling of being alone a lot. I’m wondering how many of you have started to feel that way? It definitely creeps up on me from time to time. During the week, I spend much of the day trying to figure out my no impact plan for the day, cooking and cleaning carefully to avoid waste, and then sitting in the dark downstairs while getting work done. Normally, I would sit with the lights on and an athletic game or news would be on the tv, my husband and dog both comfortably near. But since there is a no impact free room upstairs for my spouse, he has enthusiastically been spending more time there than in the dark with me! On campus too, I find myself avoiding places in case I mess up. 

However, this time to myself has also given me a chance to think about how I spend my time differently. I have done a couple of things this week that I wouldn’t normally do. First, on Monday morning I received a nice long email from a friend I haven’t seen in ages. She lived in Granville for 2 years before she moved to Boise, Idaho and I’ve only seen her once in the past 10 years. So it was a thrill to see an email from her. Because of my NI Week chores and my natural tendency to disengage with long emails, I was immediately going to hit unread and come back to it later, perhaps after NI. But then I thought, doesn’t Colin encourage us to relate and to engage? So, I took the time to write a long email, and it felt really comforting. Second, I went to the Men’s basketball game tonight! It was great to see Gabe and Alex working hard on the court. This is something I rarely do because I find it so easy to just stay home, once I’m home from work in the evenings. So I wonder if it is really lonely that I’m feeling or just a sense of being physically alone.

In many ways, I think this is why the blog is important. It reminds us that even if we physically alone, we are not alone in spirit. I hope your blogging has helped to create a sense of community around our efforts.