Day 3 and Still Going Strong

Day 3 has been successful. I kept my shower to under 3 minutes and avoided having the lights on in my room. I avoided eating meat today without even realizing it and only used one napkin.

I like to believe that I have a pretty high sense of self-control, so meeting my goals has not been that difficult. Right now the biggest challenge I am facing is mentally. Like Henry mentioned today in class, meeting goals such as shorter showers or not having the lights on the room are not as hard to achieve as I believed they would be. The hard part is that I know I have the option to take a longer shower or not get dressed in a completely dark room. If I never had the option to take a longer shower or turn the lights on I think NI Week would be much easier. Regardless, I do plan on continuing my shorter showers and keeping the lights and fans off in my room even after NI week has ended because if I can do so comfortably then why shouldn’t I.



  1. I agree that since we have the option to take a longer and warmer shower, it is harder to avoid it since it is a possible action we could take. I also agree with you that if we never had the option in the first place, it would be much easier since that is the standard we are used to.

  2. I totally agree about continuing with some of this NI week habits even after NI week is over. I think I will definitely continue my no paper towel efforts, not keeping my lights/fans on for an extended amount of time, and not keeping my devices plugged in overnight. Being mindful and mentally aware, like you said, is the most important part.

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