Day 3 blog: Juliana

Today went well! I left my fan unplugged and lights off during the night and day, and since I was in classes for most of today, my laptop and phone are still pretty full in battery and don’t need to be charged. I also avoided red meat at dinner, so I’m making some progress. One accident today was that when I left the bathroom after washing my hands, I stopped and quickly turned around when I realized I didn’t turn off the sink; I for some reason thought I was using an automatic sink, which is super weird because I know that the bathroom on my floor is not automatic. Whoops. Other than that, my shower was under five minutes — though I couldn’t bring myself to take a cold shower.



  1. I’ve definitely forgotten I was using a non-automatic sink before… it’s wierd how we are so used to things like that. Sounds like everything is going pretty well. Good job!

  2. Sounds like staying busy, or having a plan makes it easy to keep off electronics.

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