Day 3 Blog Kate

Day 3 has so far been the easiest day. I think today has been the easiest because I have been busy. I have spent virtually no time in my room which removes the temptation to eat packaged foods, use the lights, and watch Netflix. I kind of enjoying being out of my room cause I feel I’m more productive in spaces like the library. Eating wise I have not had meat in two days. Originally I limited myself to chicken at one meal a day, but find that the dinging hall makes it easy to avoid meat and choose other options. Overall my No Impact week has not been too bad and I definitely think I could adapt some of these aspects as habits in my daily life.



  1. I’ve also found that not spending time in my room helps on the productivity! I also just like to stay around A quad for so long every day because I hate making the long walk to kappa during the day. So I usually try to pack all my stuff for the day then go back only in the nighttime. It does help with decreasing the light/energy I consume in my room which is great!!

  2. I agree with you on the last part. I think that some of these things have been easier than I anticipated, like cutting out meat. I plan to make these changes permanently to make less of an impact!

  3. Its good that you’re seeing some behaviors that you could adopt in your every day life! Keep it up.

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