Day 3: Going strong

What do you know? Today I remembered that I have given up all meat besides chicken for the week, and resisted the pork in Huff. The past 2 days have found me halfway through my burger or slab of meat before guiltily realizing that I’m not supposed to eat it. I was also very good today about finishing nearly everything on my plate, thus eliminating food waste. One more pat on the back for resisting a ride back up to East Quad after practice. It was cold and my legs were tired, but I took the stairs! Things are looking up for the week.

The most annoying thing I can think of for the week so far is walking around with wet hands because I’m not using paper towels. I have taken to drying them on my handkerchief. The cold weather has been chapping them terribly, and the extra moisture doesn’t help.


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  1. Sounds like it was a good day. And yes, wet hands in cold weather is a bad combo. I’ve been using a lot of lotion!

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