day 3 has gone well

Day three is off to a good start. I have kept all the lights off and refrained from plugged in the computer. Earlier today I realized my roommate keeps no food in his fridge, so there is no reason to leave it plugged in 24/7.  I turned the fans off on the first day of NI week. I only expected to room to get a little warmer, which it has, but the heat has been compounded by an odd smell introduced by my roommate.  The fans are now back on and ran all night l0ng in hopes to rid the room of the smell.



  1. I also turned off all my lights before leaving my dorm, and I think you can just open the window to rid the smell.

  2. Its impressive that you were able to go without charging your computer, I would never be able to do that. Maybe you could unplug the fans when you leaven the morning and when you setback turn them on. That might help get rid of the smell and also reduce your usage.

  3. I hope the smell is getting better! It might help to open up your window for a little too.

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