Day 3: Im already sick of apples

Today has been exhausting. I started my daily as usual, in the dark and leaving the room by turning off all my power cords.  I grabbed breakfast which was consisted of an apple and granola (in my reusable pouch). Once my first class was over I was feeling very tired from schoolwork and etc. so I made the decision to nap. Initially I thought what a great what to use no energy or resources for 2 hours, but I was wrong. I ended up waking up from my nap at 1:00pm and I wanted to grab lunch quickly before lab. So I made way to Slayter, yet once there I realized that almost everything came with guilt of individual packaging. So unfortunately, I gritted my teeth and had the grill cook up some chicken. Also, to limit my waste I grabbed what was left of the fruit without packaging, which was another apple.

However, besides this terrible incident my day has gone well. I simply have lost count of the amount of apples I have eaten in the past three days. They have been my go to snack and they are starting to lose appeal. So if anyone has any healthy snack options let me know!



  1. I agree with Max! But also, I eat a lot of trail mix because it is just in a big back and I can grab a handful. If they have some in one of the dining halls, maybe you could take some to your dorm room and snack on that.
    I’m also lucky that carrots are in season because I was able to get about 10 carrots and locally made hummus at the farmer’s market that I’ve been snacking on and eating for lunch!

  2. I have to agree with you on the apples. I ate 3 apples today and have to say they just aren’t as filling as the snacks I’d usually eat. Maybe you could try mixing in some bananas instead of eating only apples. I know in class today we talked about how potentially corrupt the banana industry is, but I still think that banana’s are a far more superior fruit and plan on eating them in addition to apples tomorrow.

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