Day 3 Karly

So today I had to go down to the grocery store and I brought a reusable bag with me. I was happy I did that because sometimes the cashiers only put one item in a bag and then they get a completely different plastic bag for another item when they both could have fit fine in one. It always feels like such a waste when that happens. After I went to the grocery store, I went to Village Coffee and brought my reusable mug with me to get some tea. (I definitely recommend the peppermint bark flavored tea bags they have there.) Although I was proud of bringing my reusable bag and mug with me into Granville today, I did however need to get gas from the gas station. I chose to not fill the tank up all the way though since it’s almost winter break, and I’ll be going home. I’m not sure if my logic of not filling up the tank all the way is beneficial at all since I would eventually need to refill it after break…but in the moment it felt right to save the money and gas? Guilty charged, at the grocery store I did buy tissues, but the good news is that on the box it says it’s all from 100% recycled paper. I was going to buy just regular tissues, but then I noticed that they had this recycled alternative, so I went for those instead. I also needed laundry detergent from the store. Normally I just buy tide pods but then I started wondering if, like the tissues, there was some slightly more environmentally friendly option. I found a detergent from seventh generation that apparently has less toxic chemicals, but they didn’t have it in a pod option there, so I ended up buying what I normally get. I think I’ll try another store like Target sometime to see if they have a better variety of laundry detergent that has less harsh chemicals in it. Overall, I feel like I was much more aware of my actions today.


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  1. I have to say I am impressed you remembered both your reusable bag and mug! I know a lot of times when I am at home I am so worried about what I am going out to get and I forget my reusable bag.

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