Day 3 Noah Blog

Today was good, the one major snag I hit was that I forgot to take a three minute shower, but I only take five minute showers normally so it was fine. I also did use one napkin today when my history professor gave out lemon squares.  I felt kind of guilty for throwing it away.  So far I have not had to recharge my phone, its on 85% which is really impressive for me.



  1. Its good to see you’re relying less on your phone. Maybe that becomes the new normal for you after this week.

  2. Oh no, the lemon squares are out to get ya! It’s hard because a lot of baked goods are often handed to us automatically with a paper plate or napkin, or with paper plates and napkins nearby.

  3. It is defiantly hard to remember all of our goals throughout the day, but since you already take short showers I would not worry too much about this and focus on your other goals that have a greater impact.

  4. I’m sorry about your napkin you threw away. I think your five minute shower is fine because I still take more than five minutes. I feel very sorry about this. I didn’t recharge my phone too, and there was 75% left.

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