Day Three

Today, after lab, I went back to my room and enjoyed some ho hum time. I thought about playing a podcast but instead I just laid on my bed and eventually decided to read a few chapters of my book. I hadn’t read much of it lately, because I always feel like I should be reading my required readings. It was very nice. And calming.

At Mitchell, in the fitness center, there are little disposable wipes to clean equipment after use. It doesn’t seem like much waste, ┬ábut each day I would end up using about 5 or 7, plus everyone else who does the same. My mom manages a gym back home and she just mixes dawn and water in spray bottles and leaves out reusable rags. Maybe we could do the same.

I finished my spool of floss today and had to throw away the empty cartridge. It is my 6th piece of trash this week.

What is the No Impact alternative for floss?



  1. Ho hum time is super important this of year! Glad to see you got to relax a bit. I have always wondered about floss alternatives as well, there has to be a solution somewhere!

  2. That’s a good idea with the disposable wipes for gyms. In the varsity weight room each team has to wide down the equipment after every lift and it ends up creating a lot of waste. Maybe I can talk to Coach Scott and give him this advice.

  3. Wow that’s really interesting about using dawn mixed with water and a reusable rag. It seems pretty efficient to switch to using that in the gym instead because we definitely go through a lot of those disposable wipes.

  4. I know someone who used to floss with their hair…what? Too gross?

  5. Aaaaah! I was wondering the same thing on day one! I have no idea. Maybe toothpicks because they are technically compostable? Still, they don’t do the trick like floss.

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