Day Three Blog

Today is better than Monday and Tuesday. I still didn’t eat any meat today, and I finished most of food I take. Also, today I got the things I bought online last week. They had many paper boxes so I could throw them into the recycled trash can. However, I found it was so difficult for me to cut my shower time. I still needed about six to eight minutes so I should continue struggling on it.



  1. That is so awesome that your packages could be recycled!! I love when companies don’t have any plastic in the packages. I am also having a hard time cutting my showers down… it’s just so nice to stand under the warm water haha.

  2. I am glad the packaging could be recycled. Some times things come in the mail wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap.

  3. It sounds like you’re really trying with the short showers, so don’t worry too much! If you’re having trouble cutting out another couple of minutes, you could try doing your shower cold (or half warm half cold), because that’ll probably make you want to get out faster. My shower was under five minutes, but I still can’t bring myself to take the cold shower; maybe I’ll try tomorrow.

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