No Impact Week Day 3: Annie

Today has gone okay. I have been using my mini compost a lot, my roommate saved her orange peels and put them in as well which was good. I haven’t eaten any meat either, which isn’t as hard as I thought. Looking at my food choices, I don’t think that meat has really been a big part of my diet at all since I’ve gotten here. My biggest struggle is showering. I think that at the end of my day, I have no motivation to take a quick, cold shower. I am going to try to make an effort to change that habit tonight. I was planning on going on a run later at Mitchell on the treadmill, but I think I might go run around Granville a little and try to conserve energy.



  1. A run in Granville seems ideal. Cold showers are nowhere near as bad as they seem. After a few you may just learn to enjoy them

  2. Proud of you for composting that orange peel. A nice run around Granville definitely sounds like the move. Not only would you be getting some good exercise, but the scenery around Granville is much better than inside of the Mitchell center.

  3. My roommate has also gotten involved too! She has been keeping the lights off in the room even without me because she has realized she does not always need them. Hopefully her and I can keep this going even after no impact week.

  4. Going on a run in Granville is a great idea, but remember to dress appropriately in this cold weather. It is great that Lily is gettin involved to, even in the slightest.

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