Quigg’s No Impact Week: Day 3

Today has gone pretty well. I tried out the navy 30 second shower method, where you put everything on like shampoo and body wash before you go and shower. I did not get 30 seconds, but I did get my shower done in 53 seconds. I am pretty happy with it, but the cold water was not very nice. I have not eaten any meat today, and the fans have not been turned on or plugged in. The only mistake I made today was that I used 2 napkins at lunch today. I did not even realize I was using them till I went to put my plate and cup away in Curtis. Other than that I have completed my goals for the day and even did a little extra recycling when I found someone’s empty water bottle left in my first class of the day.



  1. Impressive day, Quigg! Keep up the good work…and good job thinking of ways to lessen your impact!

  2. I was meaning to give the navy shower a try tonight after you told me about it in class, but I completely forgot. Hopefully I will remember to tomorrow. Props to you on a 53 second shower and only using about 2 gallons of water. 2 gallons of water is only slightly more water than is used to flush the low flow toilets on campus.

  3. Impressive trying out the Navy shower method, and 53 seconds is so fast! Maybe tomorrow Ill try this method but it sounds pretty tough. Hopefully tomorrow you can beat your time.

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