Day 4: Chris McCandless

This morning I brought my stolen plate to class so as to avoid the paper plate. I grabbed a mini muffin and after sitting down, came to the realization that there was paper on this muffin. I popped the whole thing in my mouth, paper and all. At first I thought to myself, “man this paper completely ruined this muffin” but then I realized that I just wasn’t a big fan of the muffin itself.

Today made me question my values. I am a self described environmentalist, but am I really doing everything I can? Where do I draw the line? How much do I need to sacrifice? Todays discussion made me feel a bit powerless.

It is impossible to live on this planet with no impact. I could go full Chris McCandless and wander into the wilderness of Alaska with some flint and steel and a rifle, and yet, I would still have to eat.

At Curtis one of my Buddys dumped all his food scraps into the garbage, which is 2 damn inches from the compost. What the hell Bryan? I gave him my two cents on the situation and he looked at me like I was asking him to sacrifice his first born child.

Henry Brooks, signing off


Hi my name is Henry. In my spare time I enjoy scrap booking, piggy back rides, and long walks on the beach. Welcome to my blog!


  1. You ate the whole muffin? Respect. I am very impressed with your commitment to living entirely with no impact and having the ability to share your insights with your friend Bryan. I hope your last day is just an meaningful!

  2. I don’t think there will ever be enough signage or information about composting unless people care, and so many of our students don’t. Don’t be a Chris, be a Henry!

  3. Yes it bothers me so much when I see people throw stuff in the trash that could CLEARLY be composted!!! I think we definitely need to come up with a more effective way of communicating to people what can and cannot be thrown in the compost. Other than that, to give you some kind of validation, I think you’re doing a crazy good job by attempting to not throw anything away this week. That’s so hard and I give you mad respect. I think all that matters is that you take with you some of your new habits (maybe not as extreme) and possibly continue doing after the week is over, and keep being vocal!!

  4. I have been thinking the exact same thing: Can I truly call myself an environmentalist if I am aware of certain environmentally harmful things and still practice/use them anyway? Todays class discussion especially brought up this thought. And it is an uneasy thing to sit with. I think we must do what we can. At least then we can say we tried.

    About Chris, I was inspired by his story too, but he was so unprepared. Don’t do that.

  5. Good job calling out your friend. I think it’s important to be vocal sometimes, especially with your friends. Way to eat the wrapper, I’m impressed.

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