Day 4: Battle of the Light Switch

I think I’m finely getting the hang of no impact week. Today went very smoothly in terms of following my goals. What stood out to me today was that the hallway light outside of my dorm is always on. Therefore, I went to the switch to turn it off. However, every time I passed through the hallway the light magically was back on. So while it was annoying having to spend all day turning off the light switch it made me reflect on my previous energy use. If this were a week ago, I would be the person to turn the light on. For me, light has always been a signal of being welcome, and awake. Yet after this week I have a new appreciation for darkness.

–one more day to go!–


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  1. I didn’t even know there were light switches to control the lights. Im totally going to look for the one in my building because. that light bothers me so much. Why can’t the lights have motion sensors so that they only turn on when someone is there!

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