Day 4 blog: Juliana

Today went really well until it didn’t. I did my usual: kept the lights off, fan unplugged, chargers unplugged, and no napkins. I washed my toothbrush off with my damp face cloth, designated for only the toothbrush, instead of running water, and finished the water in my water bottle that was from yesterday. Then, all of a sudden, I messed up. I had a coupon at CVS for a bunch of discounts on snacks, and it was going to expire tomorrow, Friday. I knew I wanted to stock up on snacks for finals week, so I figured I would just go today. The plan was to buy the snacks, but not open or eat any of it until after No Impact Week — but that’s not the point of No Impact Week.

I didn’t realize how guilty I would feel. Boxes and bags of snacks put into two plastic bags from CVS. Yikes. Also, that long receipt that just keeps coming. I started feeling guilty and embarrassed while carrying the bags back up the hill. I then saw Libby from class while on the way up, and quickly said “Ahhh I know I know, I failed No Impact Week” before she could even say hi. When I got back to my room, I put the bags in my closet to re-use at a later point and decided to draw a design on the back of the CVS receipt to put on the wall in my room as a decoration. I can’t really draw at all, but I think I’ll leave it up. After all of that, I cut my toe on something on my floor and decided I wouldn’t use a band-aid, as I could still get back on track for no impact. I also took a two-minute shower tonight and kept the lights off in the bathroom. I will be extra good tomorrow!


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  1. It sounds like you did your best to make up for the waste that you produced today!! I also always save my plastic and paper bags in my room to be used for another time. Keep it up

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