Day 4 Blog Kate

The hardest struggle of today has been that I want some snacks. Because it is cold outside and snowing I do not want to walk to town and pretty much all of the snacks I would want come wrapped in so much plastic that it is not worth ruining my NI week over. So I have to settle on my banana today again. Another bummer is that I still have not reached my 3 minute shower goal. Today I finished in 4 minutes which is progress from before. This makes me wonder if showering in 3 minutes is just not possible for me and my regular shower time will have to be set to 4 minutes from now on. I think I will continue to shower in 4 minutes even after NI week because it is nice to spend less time in the shower so I can continue on with the other aspects of my day.



  1. Food, in general, seems to be the biggest struggle for everyone. Resisting cravings or remaining hungry for a few hours longer than usual appears to be wearing everyone’s patience.

  2. From what I have read and heard us talk about in class, snacks might be the hardest part about NI week. Fruit is good for us, but eating it all the time is getting a little rough. We are almost done though and then we can introduce some more variety back into snack choices.

  3. Yes, sometimes you reach a peak with the shower limit that you know you just can’t beat. Maybe 4 minutes is that time for you….and you’re right, I now hate taking a long shower b/c I feel like it is such a waste of time!

  4. This is the home stretch and I find myself struggling with some similar issues regarding snacks. Keep trucking.

  5. I have struggled a lot too with trying not too eat snacks. Its the most easiest if you just eat a big fruit salad with yogurt from the dinning hall. That way you don’t have any plastic waste. Keep up the good work with the showers!!

  6. I’ve been craving a lot of snacks as well, but fruit is all that has been keeping me going between lunch and dinner. We are close to the end, so you won’t have to rely on the fruit anymore if you do not want to. Keep up the good work with the shower.

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