Day 4: Ho Hum and Snacks

Today has gone as well as previous days. I only used 2 napkins today, kept my shower to under 3 minutes, and left my power strip and lights off all day.

About half way through the day, I was starting to overthink and stress about all the assignments I have due in the coming weeks, but after a few deep breaths I kinda just zoned out and stared at the wall. I did this for about an hour as random thoughts and ideas just popped in and out of my head. This was probably one of the most enjoyable parts of my day because for an hour all my stresses and worries faded away. Gotta love that ho hum.

One unexpected event did happen today. I received a package a from my mom. This caught me off guard because she has not really sent much stuff since I have been at college. When I opened the package the whole box was full of snacks!!! I had a mini-heart attack before realizing that most of the items were not individually wrapped, so I could enjoy them without feeling as much guilt. I recycled the envelop the card came in and plan on reusing the box when I pack to go home for break. Hopefully that will offset some of the trash I generate next week.


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  1. I also got a package from my mom, however it was full of individually wrapped things!!!! She got me 100 pieces of gelt which are all individually wrapped. I understand the mini heart attack.

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