Day 4: In what universe would I nap with the lights on?

The day was going well – no accidental napkin usage, only chicken at lunch, power strip off – when I went back to my room for a nap before lab. I turned on the lights so I wouldn’t trip over the shoes which are perpetually strewn across my floor. After moving the shoes, I collapsed onto my bed and began to doze off WITH THE LIGHTS ON. WHAT THE HECK MAN??? Fortunately, this realization occurred before I was completely knocked out, and I got up to turn them off.

The weird part is that before NIW, I probably would have disregarded the issue and continued to nap. It has made me more aware of my wasteful habits. Perhaps it will cure me of some of them.



  1. At least you turned the lights off! It’s good that no impact related things are constantly on our minds this week (even when we’re falling asleep I guess). Who knew naps could be so dangerous. It’s almost good that this happened to you because now, every time you are about to nap, you will probably think of that moment and make sure the lights are off.

  2. Earlier in the year i would not think napping with the lights on would be so bad since i am getting some sleep. I’ve been there. It is interesting thinking about it now, because old habits now need to change so we can be more environmentally friendly.

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