Day 4 Karly

Today went pretty well I would say. I managed to use less napkins during meals and I was very careful about the bins that I would put composting vs. recycling in. I did however get a cup of tea from slayter, but forgot to bring my mug, so I just used the paper cups they have there. 🙁 However, I plan to wash it and keep reusing it as long as I can. I also car pooled today with my teammates when we were going to and from practice in the morning and afternoon. The shower tonight was the same as usual where my teammates and I rotate with each other since there’s so many of us. However, I’ll admit that we do take pretty hot showers since that is what we look forward to most after being the in the cold pool for awhile. At least they’re not long and hot showers? Another thing we do at the pool is we have “Towel Tuesday” where the Mitchell athletic dept washes our towels for us every Tuesday. I wonder if this also saves on water because they wash about 90 towels at once rather than all of us individually washing our own towel back up at the dorms. I actually have this pretty cool microfiber quick dry towel that you don’t have to wash as often since it dries very quickly. It’s my favorite thing for swim meets because while everyone else’s towel is soaking wet after one use, mine is still dry and I don’t have to wash it as often. I’m therefore thinking about getting another in replacement of a regular towel because it’s nice not having to do laundry as often. Less laundry means less water, detergent, and electricity use so I high key recommend!