Day Four

Not much new happened today. Same thoughts and challenges.

I was a passenger on a 20 min car ride to and from an elementary school in Newark for big brothers big sisters. So that was probably my biggest impact. I was hyper aware, however, of the food the children ate in the school cafeteria. Today they had chocolate milk and cheese quesadillas and canned peaches. All on a styrofoam tray. I wish student lunches would be more nutritious, especially because they are at an age where the eating habits they form now will last. And why not reusable trays? I suppose it all comes down to funding.

Today I spent a little extra time talking with some friends instead of playing crosswords on my computer and tuning people out with headphones. Although I love crosswords, it was nice to not stare at the screen.



  1. Yessss, kids lunches are terrible. I did BBBS and so often the children had chocolate or strawberry milk which I really don’t think is very healthy given all of the sugar. And the trays, too. Man, that’s awful.

  2. I completely agree about the school cafeteria. I volunteered at a preschool last year and noticed that kids had a plastic bag with 5 m&m’s in it, a bag with 5 grapes, and a bag with a few chips — all thrown away. I think it does, unfortunately, come down to funding. As far as the styrofoam tray, I think it would be great to have all of the kids have reusable trays. If there was some donation, they could all get reusable trays, and the kids who graduate can leave the plates at the school for the next class, so the school won’t have to buy more.

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