E Bistrian Day 4

Today, I woke up sick. I managed to only take a 5 minute shower. Instead of blowing my nose with a tissue I blew my nose in the shower so I did not use a tissue. Kinda gross, but I didn’t mind. I left my lights off all day, and did not snack at all today so I had no waste. Today was a pretty productive day, besides the amount of tissues I have used after 12. Tomorrow I hope to make better progress with the tissues.



  1. Props to you for continuing no impact with being sick! That’s tough. You could always try a rag or towel to re-use for the meantime.

  2. That’s good you could save one tissue this morning. I think you can just use a towel and wash it.

  3. As gross as it sounds you could try to use a reusable towel of some sort to blow your nose to eliminate the tissue waste. But sounds like your day went well otherwise!

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