No Impact Week Day 4: Annie

Today was definitely not my best day. My friend recently gave me his Keurig coffee machine because he wasn’t using his and I can’t really stand the coffee here at Denison. I thought about skipping out on my coffee because of the small, packaged K-cups that are required to make a cup. All of which is to say, I caved in and made myself coffee, which was just a bad start. I had to mail a package at the post office which involved a re-used cardboard box, tape and a receipt with my tracking number on it. Not my best move. Later this evening I had a Global Commerce dinner tonight and I forgot to mention that I would like a vegetarian option when I signed up earlier this week, so I ate chicken for dinner which was something I was trying to avoid this week. At least they had cloth napkins! I am going to try to make up my mistakes with a short shower tonight.



  1. I have always wondered about the Keurig’s and K-cups. They are so convenient, especially in a college setting where there is rarely a need for more than 1 or 2 cups of coffee at a time. The only problem is those stupid one use plastic cups. Whoever figures out how to make those cups compostable will be famous among the environmental community.

  2. I think that was a great idea to use a cardboard box that you already used before. I’ve run into that issue this year too with trying to ship packages so I literally have a huge stash of cardboard boxes under my bed that have been sent to me and I’ve been saving them for when I need to mail something. So if you ever need another box to mail something in, lmk!

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