No Impact Week Day 4- Gabe

Thursdays are my days for ho hum, no question. After discussing ho hum and what it means from Beavans perspective I really appreciate it so much more. Allowing yourself to reflect on your tasks without stressing out about them is an amazing way to gather your thoughts and create an organized plan. It is not only important for efficiency but also sustaining mental health.

On another note, I have made it my daily goal to recycle cups and paper in the locker room after every practice and game. I hate to see so much go to waste but I feel good when I decide to do something positive out of it.



  1. I totally agree with you that a ho hum day is really important for regathering yourself in a busy week. I think the reflection aspect of a ho hum day is beneficial too because you have a better idea of how to move forward for the next week. That’s really cool that you’re thinking about recycling cups and bottles after practice. I feel like I should try that too because after swim meets there are SO many plastic bottles all over the pool deck and it’s such a waste especially since people only take like one sip from them.

  2. Yes gabe! Hopefully people will follow your example in the locker room too. and I loved your point about mental health; to me having some reflection time throughout the day about all that’s happened really helps me to stay in a good state of mind. Maybe that’s why I like doing these blogs.

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