One of the fun parts of NI week for me is the chance to be creative about different aspects of my daily life. Mainly, this revolves around food for me. I’ve been working this week on new recipes with in season local food. So far this has resulted in egg cups with local eggs and local sausage for breakfast, salad with bacon and sweet potatoes for lunch, and chili for dinner (plus leftovers to avoid food waste). Tonight, I cooked my final NI meal (tomorrow will consist of my new Plated order) and it was excellent! I made an eggroll bowl with all local ingredients except for the spices and rice, including: ground chicken, onion, bok choy and carrots. It was definitely one of my favorite meals by far. 

As I was preparing my meals though, I spent a lot of time on pinterest and it had me thinking about the issue of progress. Even though pinterest can be addicting and keep me on the computer for some time, it also allows me to live more sustainably. I’ve learned how to make a lot of dishes with local foods, how to preserve red peppers, and how to create my own chicken stock. Similarly, I get a lot of articles from class via Facebook from my colleagues across the world! And the fact that I have colleagues across the world is also pretty incredible…again technology makes this possible. 

All of this to say, I wonder how we can use technology to make us more sustainable…and in a way that doesn’t necessarily equate to more consumption?