Quigg’s No Impact Week: Day 4

Everything is going smoothly. No mistakes have occurred today. I got my shower time to 54 seconds, which is one second over what I got yesterday, but it still fulfills my goal. No fans are plugged in and have not been plugged in all day. I’ve avoided using napkins and red meat. I recycled a few water bottles I have found sitting around places in slayter and the cinema house. Have not charged my electronics all day. I studied in the library and did not use up the light in my room. Everything is going pretty well.



  1. 54 seconds is really fast. Looks like you have managed to meet all of your goals with relative ease!

  2. 54 seconds is really impressive. Just remember that these easy actions are things that you can continue to do after No Impact week!!

  3. That’s so amazing that you can take shower in only 54 seconds. It is difficult for me. I also recycled some boxes and bottles I used.

  4. Sounds like an awesome day! Good for you for recycling plastics that you find, such a simple way to make an impact 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had a pretty productive day. Usually your fans are always plugged in, good for you! An alternative to not using a napkin, and if you don’t have a hanker-chief, would be an old shirt you have in your room if you desperately need one.

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