Sick on day 4

I woke up sick to my stomach this morning — I definitely did not plan to go through no impact week ill. I made a run to CVS to pick up a few meds, all of which came in far more packaging than they ought to. I did walk instead of drive despite the upset stomach.  I am hoping this is only a 24 hour bug so the rest of the week is not impeded by it.  Cold showers are sounding far less appealing while sick, and I am not sure how I will meet my goals to keep trash to an absolute minimum while being ill.

I did have a minor slip yesterday during class.  I had an old baggage claim ticket in my wallet that I forgot was in there. I took it out and very nearly threw it away before remembering I couldn’t generate any waste. At that moment, Henry sat down next to me, so in a moment of haste, I tossed it and it landed in his backpack… Felt reasonable at the time.  I don’t think he noticed. Maybe he will try it as a snack to curb all of his all of his trash production.


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  1. The only comment I can make is to say that I will monitor this post in anticipation of Henry’s reply.

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