Day 5: A normal day

Today actually felt normal. It felt normal to take a short shower, it felt normal to not use any paper towels, it felt normal to save my food scraps, etc. It is weird to me that its the last day of NI week, yet today was the first day that it didn’t feel different. I think I will continue these things and allow them to become apart of my routine. I’m actually a little bit sad that today is the last day, it has been encouraging and fun to be accountable to my classmates and not just to myself.



  1. I’ve begun to feel this way too — that the restrictions I set for myself are becoming a habitual thing for me. Hopefully we will be able to continue some of these habits after tonight. I wish you luck with that my friend!

  2. Even though it might feel sad, you can continue what you’ve learned this week, and you’ll probably won’t be alone doing this.

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