Day 5 Blog Kate

So my last day has probably been my worst day so far. I have definitely had the lights on the most today. I also did not meet my shower goal on my last day. My shower today was 6 minutes long. The longest it has been all week. This is still shorter than my regular shower time of 10 minutes, but I never reached my goal of a three minute shower. I think I’m gonna try and keep my showers at about 4-5 minutes cause my long showers were so unnecessary. I also ended up driving today because my friend really needed to run to the store. But on the positive side my food choices today were really good. I have had no meat and pretty much all vegetables. Overall I think I will try to live a more NI lifestyle after this week because I definitely think there are aspects of my life that could be improved.



  1. The hardest part about anything is getting started. This week has given us all the opportunity to analyze our life styles and see how we can make changes, no matter how small, that can reduce our impact. Good job this week and good luck in the future.

  2. Im so sorry today was your worst day ever. But don’t stress about it, it has been a long week for all of us. I hope you can continue to find small ways to make an impact as you transition back to your normal habits!

  3. It is great that you are planning on continuing these habits you’ve acquired this week.

  4. Don’t worry too about the slip-ups, I definitely did the same thing. It’s the whole human nature thing.

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