Day 5: It’s been real

Today went smoothly. It was a happy realization this morning that I can take a hot shower tomorrow. I think I’ll continue taking cold showers during the week and hot showers on the weekends. That way, the hot showers will be so much better.

I’ll continue to leave my mini fridge unplugged, there is just no need for it. The open window keeps my water just as cold.

Will I return the plate to Curtis? Probably not. Its a good plate. I like that plate.

Beef. I’ve been considering completely cutting red meat out of my diet, with the exception of bison and venison. I haven’t really had a strong desire to eat beef this past week anyways.

In terms of social media and Netflix, I think this week has been good for me. Maybe I’ll revert back to a flip phone.

It has been a good week.

Henry Brooks, signing off.


Hi my name is Henry. In my spare time I enjoy scrap booking, piggy back rides, and long walks on the beach. Welcome to my blog!

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  1. I admire your desire to keep up with this lifestyle. I might try to as well, depending on what it is. Nice job this week.

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