Day 5 Noah Blog

I can’t believe its been a week!!  It was definitely harder then I thought to have less of an impact on the environment.  Today I actually had a record with water usage where I took a two minute shower, which was really hard.  Sadly, I did use a lot more trash today because I got food from slayter. I. ended up having one of their boxes as well as plastic cutlery and one napkin.  I think that was the most waste I’ve had in a week. Overall, I feel as though I met most of my goals especially my water usage one and my not buying anything on Amazon goal.  Obviously I had some slip ups but the overall experience was one that was equally hard but rewarding.



  1. Although you did give in to Slayter today, think of how that was the biggest trash impact and compare that to weeks when maybe you would go to slayter 3 or 4 times!

  2. That’s awesome you accomplishments most of your goals. Any chance you will continue to try to have less an impact in the future?

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