Day 5: Straw-nger than ever

The last day of No Impact was good, but a little tough. I was invited to go out to dinner with my friends tonight. So all five of us hopped in the car and drove out to Bob Evans. I was excited since I hadn’t been invited to go to eat all week. However, as soon as we sat down the waitress served us water with each of our own individual straws. I just immediately felt this know in my stomach. I did my best keeping my mouth shut as two of my friends reached for the straws. I am happy No Impact week is over however I hope this guilt goes away. Although Im afraid I never will. After this week I see things a little differently and I am curious as to how my habits will be forever changed. Thank you for all the support guys and I hope you had a great week as well!!


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  1. I agree with the guilt! I will never look at a bag or a straw the same way again. We should go to Bob Evans and convince them to get rid of straws — we’ll never know if we don’t try!

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