E Bistrian Last Day

Today I was pretty productive. I managed to use the same tissue all day for my runny nose, and I refrained from a shower…. kinda gross. Though, I knew if I were to take one, it would be 10 minutes. I kept my lights off all day, and I plan to until tomorrow. I did not snack today, and I had a banana for breakfast and then I threw it in the woods. I hope to continue having the least amount of impact on the environment in the next few weeks. This has taught me a lot, it will always be in the back of my mind.



  1. I also thought about throwing my banana peel in the woods, I think I might do that with my compost though. Good week!

  2. Nice job with the one tissue! You should frame it on your wall to remind you about No Impact Week (sorry, that’s gross). Anyways, I think that’s the important part — that this will always be on the back of our minds. Good job this week!

  3. Impressive with not having the lights on. I still feel as though I need to put my lights on in the morning to fully get up. my experience will also remain with me and I expect that some of the things I practiced this week may become part of my life permanently.

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