Last Day!

On the one hand, I’m getting tired of no tv and am ready for some media stimulation…on the other I’m kind of sad to lose the focus of the week on living with little impact.

Today’s wins: did not eat what I wanted but what I had which was local eggs and sausage and not that bad (but I’m tired of eggs); ate lunch in curtis AND brought my own napkin

Today’s losses: went to the Barney kitchen and instinctively went for a muffin! (and now I have a wrapper).

Overall, I definitely met my trash goals which I feel really good about. I didn’t quite meet my food goals, but I got really close. And while we didn’t have light on more than about an hour each night at the house, we did struggle with Christmas lights. This has been a big conundrum for me the whole week. We finally got our Christmas decorations up over the past weekend…and of course they require electricity! Do we plug in the outdoor Christmas lights or not? That was the question. One the one hand, it obviously takes up energy. But on the other, it’s only a few hours a night, and I think it brings joy to the neighborhood. This is one of those questions where I wonder if the impact is truly negative or if there is some actual good in it. While I’m not promoting consumption at the holidays, I do think there is something to be said for decorations that lift the spirits (especially when it is so dark and gloomy). Also, my outside lights are LED lights. So, that is one impact I was willing to make. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the week and were able to determine which impacts you could go without and which you couldn’t. Have a restful and (less)impactful weekend!



  1. Christmas lights are one of favorite parts of the holiday season. I definitely think the energy used to have them on will be outweighed by the joy they provide for others. They are LED lights too so their impact should not be that great for the few hours they are on.

  2. I definitely think you should turn on your Christmas lights. They are only on for a little bit and they make so many people happy. I think NI week shows you just have to make choices and this is a small temporary choice that will bring happiness to many children.

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