Last Day

After limiting an impact for the last week, today felt entirely normal. I met just about all my goals and am pretty pleased with the week. I made it the entire day without generating any trash, kept the lights off, and electronics were unplugged.  I did end up driving way more than I would have liked though. This morning when I went to start my truck the windshield was iced over. I knew I didn’t have a scraper, so I had to Idle it until the defroster could melt it, during which time coughed white smoke out the tailpipe… Diesels are cold-blooded and hate winter weather. When you start them in low temperatures they will spit unburnt fuel out the tailpipe due to incomplete combustion in the chamber.



  1. Sucks that you had to leave your car running in order to defrost:(. If you need to borrow an ice scraper I have an extra one.

  2. Seems like you had a productive day. I know its hard to refrain from driving… I had a few urges this week. About the diesel, maybe switch to regular to gasoline in the future?

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