Last Day – Thank Goodness

Today has been a decent day in terms of accomplishing my goals. I had to walk to south quad for my class and today it was much colder than before. I would’ve loved to take my car down there, but I didn’t. Not going to lie, I tried to use my car but realized it was so frozen and I couldn’t even open the door! So I walked instead. Looking back and reflecting on this week I definitely struggled at moments; but when I was able to achieve my goals I felt fulfilled in knowing that I was being different in a positive way. I also had a long conversation with my dad today about how he can implement being more environmentally friendly in the future. My parents are selling our old house and building a new one. I talked to him about how he could build in environmentally friendlier house and live more sustainably. Passing on the information I retained from this week to my family gave a me a sense of hope about our future impact on Earth. Hopefully, I can keep spreading positivity towards being more eco-friendly.



  1. That is so cool that you have the opportunity to make a house more eco-friendly. I too am guilty of driving my car down to South Quad but walking the last few days has been a good experience.

  2. That’s true it was so cold today but I also walked down the hill. Talking to your parents about the environmental aspects is a good idea.

  3. That’s great that you a) walked and b) talked to your dad about his potential to lessen his impact. Ripple effects! Glad you learned something from this week!

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