No Impact Week Day 5: Annie

Today my roommates friend came and I told him all about this project and I inspired him to put his fruit in our community compost. I felt like I did better with conserving energy, however I used another K-cup to make coffee this morning. Although this was not intentional, I conserved water during my shower because the showers in Shorney were not working well. This week opened up my eyes to a lot of my previous habits that I need to work on. I felt like it was really difficult to change my previous lifestyle to a new way of living where I was cautious of my waste. I’ve been inspired by this project to change my way of living in the future because I feel that it is my environmental duty to continue my current habits and attitude toward this process because it will improve my value of our world and environment.



  1. its exciting that you finding environmentally friendly habits that you are encouraged to continue

  2. Thats really cool how you now have other people using your compost! Spreading the word and teaching people about what the benefits are is very important.

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