Quigg’s No Impact Week: Final Day

Sadly, nothing exciting happened. I went through my routine without a sitch. Only real new thing I did was run around the indoor track instead of using the treadmill when working out. I somehow got 53 seconds again for my shower. I do feel as though some of my habits this week are gonna pass over to the rest of these weeks and hopefully when I get home.



  1. Oh Quigg… I was at the track also. Didn’t see you! Must of just missed ya…Keep up the good work! Remember to turn your fans off, because I’ve noticed you have been slipping up these past few days. Keep up the good work!

  2. Today I ran outside too! It felt good being able to just use my legs to work out. Impressive shower time too! Hope you had a good week!

  3. Nice job! I’m impressed with the showers, that is awesome! Maybe make it a leisurely 2 minutes in the future – not wasteful, but not painfully short.

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