Some Sweet Decorations

I was surprised by how normal everything felt today. Despite my one napkin from the dining hall, because of a squished piece of pineapple on my chair, this was my most successful no impact day. When I walked into my room after my classes I didn’t even look at or think about my light switch. I didn’t eat anything from wrappers today and also had no red meat. I left the lights off again for my 4-minute shower, except this time someone walked in and said “hello? Are the lights broken or something?” She sounded like she was in a bad mood, so I just said that I forgot to turn them on. I should’ve said that I didn’t need them!

Although I messed up a couple of times this week, I shouldn’t focus on those couple of times; I changed how I lived this past week and made an impact. I might not be able to help always being on the go, but I can control what I eat and how I deal with this on the go lifestyle. This idea of simple living, oddly enough, took some stress out of my day, as I turned away from so many things I didn’t actually need. I’m excited to eat my bags of candy again, but don’t worry — I’m deciding to tape the wrappers on my wall as some sweet decorations. Maybe that’s weird, but it’s definitely happening.



  1. After my week I also felt good getting into a routine that felt rewarding. I struggled with some little things but during the week I was able to remember them right away. Good to hear you had a satisfying last day!

  2. I feel the same way about food! not eating meat is definitely harder to do (especially on this campus); but being a vegetarian is super rewarding and healthier in a lot of ways. I definitely think I’ll be able to pass on meat every once in a while a lot easier now. Also good idea with the decorations.

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