Last Day of No Impact

What an awesome experience living No Impact for the first time. I honestly feel like my life is now going to change for the better. No more excess waste, no more long showers, and now I want to start eating more local food. My last day was my personal best. I ate at the dinning halls to reduce waste, I walked all over campus, I continued to use my reusable water bottle, and when I went to slayter I used a greenie.

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Got lazy on day 4

I went to Slayter twice today because I was not a fan of the food at the dinning hall. I was fully aware of my sins and I am very sorry for them, but I needed to eat well and Curtis was not up to par. I continue to use my reusable water bottle, which gives me satisfaction.

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Bdubs got the best of me

I went into day 3 very optimistic after a great day yesterday living with nearly no impact. I now try and imagine Colin is stalking me and I don’t want him to see me consuming or creating waste. I reused my water bottle for the first time in awhile which saved me from buying an extra bottle for practice.

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