The final Day

My last day of no impact week did not go as planned I ended up creating three pieces of trash which is as much as I made within the last four days. I ate some meat and also went out to eat. The one thing I am proud of doing is not getting a straw with my drink.

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Slight impact day #4

Quick Showers: Yes

Low Energy Use: No

No Trash: Nope

Did I eat meat: Yes

Reusable bottle: Yes

Today I created a little bit more trash than yesterday. I used a paper towel and opened a granola bar. I also watched the Raptors v. Bucks playoff game on a big flat screen in my halls common room, while also charging my computer.

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Day #3-Completed

Today was pretty solid. For starters, I did not consume any meats at all today and I’m happy to say that majority of the food I ate was locally grown and organic. Again, I avoided Slayter so I wouldn’t produce any trash, sadly I did use a piece of a paper towel to dry my hands.  

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Day #2-Still doing pretty well

Today I started the day with morning practice and while getting ready to leave my room I did not turn on any lights. After practice I took a shower that was a little bit less than 2mins. I was planning to go to Slayter before my 8:30 but I knew I would end up buying a sandwich with tin foil thus producing more trash.

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Off to a OK start-Day #1

I started off really well on day one. When I woke up I did not turn on the lights, but I did unplug my fan. Me and my roommate talked and came to the conclusion that the fan will only be used while we are sleeping. Before leaving my room I turned off all the lights within my 7 man suite.

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