Day 5!!

I can’t believe today is the last day of No Impact week! I have really enjoyed my experience with this week and there are so many things that I want to carry with me into my life past this week, like taking shorter showers, being mostly vegetarian while at school, and keep all electronics unplugged in my room.

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Day 4!

This week has gone by so fast! I can’t believe that it’s already day 4! Today was a pretty no-impact day, as I again didn’t use any electricity in my room, charged my phone in the library, and ate vegetarian. I have noticed, however, that I haven’t really cut down on my dairy like I wanted to.

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Its not easy eating green- Day 3!

Here we are, DAY THREE!! And to be honest, I still am not having a ton of difficulty with this No Impact week thing. Here’s why:

1) I go to the dining hall every day for basically every meal, and I can try to pick items that are vegetarian/more sustainable from the options

2) I’m rarely in my room during the day, so I use almost no electricity of my own (The only time I use electronics (phone charger and computer) is in the library where there is a power grid)

3) using less water is something I can get used to pretty easily

4) I don’t really need to buy anything this week, so as long as I stay away from gum and individually packaged mints

As easy as this has been for me this week it definitely would NOT be this easy if I were at home…Actually I’m pretty sure I’d have a very hard time with it and pretty much fail in many aspects.

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Day 2-lacking nutrition, but also waste!

Almost no slip-ups today!! I accidentally forgot to bring my charger to the library to charge my phone during the day, so by midnight I was quickly running low on battery and I was forced to plug in my charger. :[ Fortunately, however, I remembered to bring it to the library today, so I should be good to last until tomorrow!

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Day 1 and already not doing as well as I hoped

Day 1!! This morningweek was fine, I only used about 30 seconds of water to brush my teeth and wash my face, and I remembered at the last minute to grab my hand towel out of my bag so I didn’t use paper towels. At breakfast, however, I made a small mistake: I hurriedly ate a bowl of lucky charms, my sweet cereal of choice, before remembering my goal of not eating processed foods… oops.

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