Reflecting on the week

Looking back at this past week, I feel as if it was partially successful but more importantly, it was eye opening. Before this week, many of us did not take the time or even think about what we were consuming. We would buy bottled beverages, packaged snacks, and many other wasteful items. During no impact week I became much more aware of what was going on.

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Brutal Day

So I’ll be honest, today wasn’t a great day for me in the no impact department. I woke up for my 10am class and then headed to the library. I was persuaded to get in my friends car and then before I knew it I was ordering at Taco Bell. So driving and then adding onto that with  Taco Bell consumption and waste really brought me down.

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Day 3

So I was planning on blogging late last night but I ended up falling asleep before I posted. Besides that my no impact day was a success. I had to buy a powerade bottle but like my classmate Connor I will be refilling it to prevent waste. Similar to yesterday I tried to take a short shower and felt pretty good about it.

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Day 2: Nutty

My day started early. I was stuck in the fully illuminated library until 2am when they kicked me out. I felt bad about all of the electricity I was absorbing on the computer but it had to be done. I finished the 6th page then went back to my room and tried to get some sleep.

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Day 1

Today I completely forgot about No Impact Week until I was on my way to environmental. My breakfast at Slayter was pretty unfriendly but I did have my fans unplugged already which was good. I watched just about everyone throw their containers into the recycling bin (which you can’t do) and it made me excited to try out our new trash system that my group is making.

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