So you’re done with No Impact?

Today, I went out for lunch (I know, it’s a no no…) with my sister who came to visit me.  We ran into the first class of ENVS majors at Denison (those who observed out class today).  They remembered me and asked me: “so you’re done with No Impact Week?” I paused for a moment and responded, “well officially, yes.  

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Futility sets in.

I took a slightly more gluttonous shower this evening, my second shower of the day.  The post-workout chills had come over me and, as I stood under a flow of hot water, I really couldn’t rationalize to myself turning off the water 30 seconds earlier or using cooler water.  I stayed in the shower, knowing that a majority of my peers stand under hotter water for much longer than I was.  

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Little impact, big deal?

During class today, I listened to my peers convey frustration with their peers.  My classmates are mocked for taking this low-impact project seriously.  Some receive texts with pictures of trash, subtitled “recyclable?” or “#landfill or naw.”  Some have their actions counteracted: they turn the light off, and a roommate turns it back on.  Friends at the lunch table still use a bunch of napkins after a warning from an ENVS student to use less.  

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Roommate goes rogue; my hands are tied AND wet.

Two things stood out to me today as I forge onward on this impact-less journey:

1. I escaped class a moment to use the restroom and, after washing my hands, I found myself reaching for a paper towel.  My heart stopped for a moment and I withdrew my arm back to my side.  I exited the restroom and returned to class, hands glistening and moist.  

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A matter of coping blocks and will power..

Around 8:00pm on Monday, the first day of no impact week, I found myself using my personal laptop on my own bed, in my own room, with my own lamps and Christmas lights lighting the room.  I was taking some “ho-hum” time, as our inspiration for the week, Colin Beavan, would term such leisure and carefree time.  

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