Elevators and Drs Visits: Day 5

Reflecting on this week, overall it went well. Perhaps my day of greatest consumption was today for two reasons: I went to Whisler this morning to (ok tmi) get warts frozen that are on my feet, and that was really painful (because I later found out I have an infection and now have to take antibiotics) anyhow because of the pain I needed to take the elevator to get to different floors, which is quite the waste of energy.

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Day 4

Today I went to fresh check day briefly and that was eye opening from a consumption perspective. I learned a lot but each booth included some sort of tempting prize or snack that I of course had to turn down. This deluge of items was curious and felt a little excessive. After reading in NI Man about how much consumption depresses us as a society, going to a fair focused on improving mental health it seemed counterproductive how oriented everything was on material goods.

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Day 3 boy oh boy

Day three has been good. I have found that honestly I typically live in a relatively little impact way just going about day to day without having to think too much about it, as long as I don’t go to Slayter. I don’t really have a need to go off campus and take fast showers just because I can’t afford longer ones with my busy schedule.

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Day 2 what am I doing

Not gonna lie, Day 2 was ROUGH. It was just one instance of caving after another. My roommate was getting breakfast at the Nest, and waking up groggy I didn’t even think to bring something to put their tasty breakfast sandwiches on, so used some tin foil. Huffman it will be for the rest of the week.

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Nearly done with the first day of no impact week. If anything has come out of today it has been the discovery of how pesky and easy to accumulate trash is, and how mindful I need to be as I go about my day. I got an apple at breakfast that had a sticker on it.

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