Day 5: Finish…strong?

Today was difficult in all the ways that Dr. Aguilar described, and as a result, I made a series of slip-ups. I had to skip a dining hall lunch due to an appointment, and didn’t think I’d make it through the day without something from Slayter. Lack of foresight = 2 pieces of plastic waste on the very last day.

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Day 4: In what universe would I nap with the lights on?

The day was going well – no accidental napkin usage, only chicken at lunch, power strip off – when I went back to my room for a nap before lab. I turned on the lights so I wouldn’t trip over the shoes which are perpetually strewn across my floor. After moving the shoes, I collapsed onto my bed and began to doze off WITH THE LIGHTS ON.

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Day 3: Going strong

What do you know? Today I remembered that I have given up all meat besides chicken for the week, and resisted the pork in Huff. The past 2 days have found me halfway through my burger or slab of meat before guiltily realizing that I’m not supposed to eat it. I was also very good today about finishing nearly everything on my plate, thus eliminating food waste.

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Day 2: Small Successes

As I write this, five minutes from the deadline, the first thoughts to cross my mind are negative – today I forgot my bag in which to carry compost, and had to throw away some precious scraps of food (some people are not as ambitious as Henry). However, the day was not a complete loss. I continue to carry my handkerchief to avoid the use of napkins and tissues.

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In the words of Coling Beavan: Day one, and the whole thing is a big mistake

Sunday night: Danni sets up everything she’ll need for the first day of NIW. She plugs in phone and computer, setting a reminder to turn off the power strip in the morning, washes her reusable coffee mug, and goes to bed at a reasonable hour. Everything is looking good for the start of the week.

Monday morning: Danni wakes up with a very strong urge to blow her nose.

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