Cody, This BLOG Is For You Man. (Day 5)

Day five is wrapping up nicely. I took another short shower this morning, stayed off my phone as much as possible, and tried to enjoy some “ho-hum” time outside. No Impact week has helped me understand just how much I mindlessly consume.

More importantly, No Impact week allowed for a bit of introspection. Participating in No Impact has helped me realize one very important thing: I really do not respond well to change.

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Almost There

Day four went well! I still have not plugged in my fan or used my Keurig. I even took another four minute shower today. Even these few slight changes in my life have made me realize that I really do not need so many things, like a Keurig or forty minute showers. These things are rather nice though.

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Good Day, Except…

The third day went well. I managed to take another short shower (about four minutes) and I even walked to CVS instead of driving. I still have my fan unplugged, but luckily the dorms were not as hot as yesterday. I did make one (kind of big) mistake and I was actually caught in the process.

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Looking Good So Far

The second day went so much better than the first. I managed to take a four minute shower, which was pretty groundbreaking for me. I did have to charge my laptop today, so that was a slight disappointment. My roommate and I haven’t plugged our fan in since yesterday and it has been kind of awful.

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Pretty Rough Start

This morning I woke up, sluggishly fell out of bed, made a cup of coffee, used a plastic stirrer (sorry guys), drank my coffee, and then took a ten minute shower. As soon as I stepped out of the shower I had that “oh my god” sort of feeling in my gut. You know the one you get when you show up to class and realize you forgot your project?

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