Day 5 Finish

Today marks the final day of my no impact week. All in all, i think i did a pretty good job. I used about 10 pieces of trash which i sorted properly into the recycling and trash today. I succeeded on cutting my lengthy showers down by several minutes, saving gallons of water. I noticed that even tiny things like turning fans or lights off can make a huge difference in the long run.

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Day 4

Today was quite busy with studying and lacrosse. I tried my best to be attentive to my consumption even though i was on the fly all day. I began my day with the usual Curtis and i used the compost which was very easy. I Chose a salad instead of a meat option today in slater as i had no time for Curtis for lunch.

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day 3 was tough!!

day three was surprisingly difficult. It was a very busy day and I was hungry. I slipped up and threw out a slater box along with a half finished water. I was ashamed. Also, i returned to my room at 1230 pm and realized my roommate left the lights and fan on for hours! I was appalled.

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Second day success!!

I must say, i have done a fantastic job limiting my impact today. I don’t mean to brag, but i have not produced any waste today. The only thing i consumed was a Powerade after our walk to the homestead. After finishing my beverage, i decided to refill it with water rather than throw it away.

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First day

It is much harder than i thought to limit my waste. I have noticed all day my tendencies to reach for pre packaged, easy to eat foods that exist in my room, and in the market at Slater. Eating at Curtis helps limit food waste because there is no packaging. Curtis also has specific bins for different types of wastes.

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