Last Day

After limiting an impact for the last week, today felt entirely normal. I met just about all my goals and am pretty pleased with the week. I made it the entire day without generating any trash, kept the lights off, and electronics were unplugged.  I did end up driving way more than I would have liked though.

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Sick on day 4

I woke up sick to my stomach this morning — I definitely did not plan to go through no impact week ill. I made a run to CVS to pick up a few meds, all of which came in far more packaging than they ought to. I did walk instead of drive despite the upset stomach. 

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day 3 has gone well

Day three is off to a good start. I have kept all the lights off and refrained from plugged in the computer. Earlier today I realized my roommate keeps no food in his fridge, so there is no reason to leave it plugged in 24/7.  I turned the fans off on the first day of NI week.

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Day 2 and 13,000lbs of trash

The second day of no impact week went far better than the first. I have kept the lights off, unplugged the fan, showers are kept cold and short, and I very nearly made it through the day without creating any trash… Unfortunately, I scheduled a job for this Friday which means I had to empty my trailer.

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Day 1 Blog Andrew

This morning I completely forgot that today was the first day of the no impact week, so I made accidentally no effort to adhere to any of the goals. Lights in the dorm were on for much of the morning, the computer was plugged in for far longer than it ought to be, and I already drove to Lancaster with a 4 ton diesel.

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